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gages gang... to raise money for Eosinophilic esphogitis. A rare disease that effects too many kids. Or even if those kids being my son.


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Gages gang, is the wonderful team of friends and family we have to rally around and support gage thru his struggles with food, weight, and sickness. We all want to see a cure for this awful disease within gages lifetime. Gage has a rare disease that doesn't allow him to eathe like normal kids. He currently only has 7 foods that are safe for him to eat and must go thru many endoscopic procedures every year to test new food to see if they are safe for him. He gets sick and misses school often and has more specialist appointments than I'd like to count. Please help us find a cure for gage and all the other kids and adults like him.

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leeann lacasse leeann lacasse