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The "Fall for the Foundation" competition is on at FitWit! We'll be raising money to support fitness programs for underprivileged kids.


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Sheri Lake

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Sarah Duckett

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Christina Ritchie

Fall For the Foundation

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Christy Starner

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Sheri Martin

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Kim Moss

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Melissa Berbusse

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Fall for the Foundation

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The "Fall for the Foundation" competition is on at FitWit! We'll be competing against other locations to raise money for the FitWit Foundation, which provides fitness programs for under-served and under-priveleged kids at Maynard Jackson school in Decatur.

There are a variety of ways to help - and WIN! As the "New Kids on the Block," we at NDH will have to work extra hard to beat those vets in Decatur, Grant Park, and Midtown. After we swing kettlebells in class, let's swing for the fences to see how much we can get involved in making this fundraising program a success.

Here's what you can do...#1 is the focus of this page!

1. Camper Push-ups-For-A-Cause. Ask people to pledge money for each push-up you complete during a 90 second period. The event will take place as part of a Saturday joint-location workout before the October 26 Trainer Games event. Each $1 raised = 1 point. Download and print your pledge card here.

2. Trainer Games - After the Push-ups for a Cause warm-up event, our fearless trainers will compete in 6-8 events. We’ll average the scores to determine rankings/points for each location to add towards their location point total. Events will be both fitness (highest box jump, sprint shuttle, etc) and silly (hula-hoop, dizzy bat).

  • 1st place location – 100 pts, 2nd place location – 75 pts, 3rd place location – 50 pts, 4th place location – 25 pts

3. Buy a ticket to banquet. After all this, you can’t miss the Banquet! Each ticket = 20 pts.

4. Referrals to FitWit. Each referral you make = 30 pts.

5. Donate a silent auction item. Minimum dollar value for silent auction items is $25. Each item you secure for the silent auction = 20 pts.

6. Volunteer for a FitWit Foundation event. See list below for upcoming volunteer options. To schedule any of these volunteer opportunities, reach out to Megan Gilroy ( Each volunteer experience = 15 pts.

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