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As organizers, social workers, filmmaker, farmers, data analyst, & linguist, we're going to Viet Nam together for collective growth!

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For our trip to Viet Nam this December, our goals are to:

  1. Deepen our collective understanding of our Vietnamese roots;
  2. Learn about the movements for democracy, liberation, and self-determination in Viet Nam;
  3. Discover strategies to build solidarity between communities on both sides of the Pacific;
  4. Identify ways to strengthen the organizing work in the Vietnamese American community in the U.S.

We've been studying Viet Nam's hystory within a domestic and global context for the past 4 months as a group & strengthening our relationships with each other. Our ultimate intentions are to collect all that we learn, including our experiences in Viet Nam, back to the U.S. to achieve the aforementioned goals.

We would love your support in our journey! Help engage in the goals by donating to our campaign. We appreciate your love.

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Kathy Huynh Kathy Huynh