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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

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As volunteers, interns, and friends we want to give all that we can to make a difference for a cause we love and support!

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Matthew Nielsen

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Michele Anderson

Michele Anderson fundraising for Friends of Wildlife Science Center

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Roberta Ryan

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We volunteer because we can. Each volunteer has his or her own story. Some of us showed up after attending an event. Some of us have stayed on after completing an internship. Some of us have been around “forever.” While some of us don’t remember how we got here - we just know we are here for life.

Whether we are oldies or newbies, we have a connection - our nonprofit. Today, we are here to give back to the mission that has given us so much.

This long Minnesotan winter has drained everyone – from sore backs to heating costs! Your donation will help keep the Center running by easing the burden of the dreary winter on human emotions and funds (the wolves are loving it)!

This is truly a team goal. Our WSC will be the winner when we come together and do what we do – support our cause! Okay, maybe there will be some bragging rights – but we have heard it many times from our staff, “NO amount is too little!” And it’s the truth!

Team and supporters: Lets have some fun and make a difference!!

Team Captain

Michele Anderson Michele Anderson