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Help our team raise funds to replace dollars that are no longer available at the city level to support providing participant stipends.


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Over the last several years, Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory (PWBF) has been able to provide stipends to each of our apprentices amounting to $500 annually. These funds, which previously flowed through the City, are no longer available. Providing stipends is a best practice for youth development programs especially for older youth for two reasons: our participants devote, on average, 350 hours of their time and dedication annually to the production of boats for PWBF’s on-water experiences and the preservation of local community ecosystems; and these young people have responsibilities to meet at home where the additional dollars are often critically needed.

A team of Board members, staff and friends of PWBF have banded together to help replace these funds so we can continue to provide the same level of support to our committed youth. We need a minimum of $30K to reintroduce these stipends for fiscal year 2016. We are using a three-prong strategy to raise these funds by seeking $5,000 from individuals and $12,500 each from foundation and corporate sources. Please join us in helping to raise $5,000 toward this larger goal!

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