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we aim to explore the many ways in which oppression limits our ability to align our leadership with the values + principles that drives us.

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our story: a retreat of exploration + change

over the last few years, an overwhelming number of people have requested a retreat that explores how external systems impact individual + collective leadership. universal partnership is finally organizing one for people who care deeply about social justice issues.

when we think about our leadership in the context of the socio, political, economical, + environmental landscapes, we inevitably come up against the deeply embedded ways in which systems of oppression continually shape who + how we are in the world. this retreat aims to explore, with a somatic lens, the many ways in which oppression limits our ability + the communities we serve + believe in, to acutely align our leadership with the values + principles that drive us. By exploring the impact of social, economic, + political conditions, the oppressive nature of how these spheres function in our society, we can ultimately reveal the depths in which these oppressive societal conditions live in our beings + how it can limit the impact of our individual + collective leadership.

for more information about our facilitators + staff, please visit our registration page.

why a somatic lens?

Somatics is a sophisticated methodology combining the biological + social sciences to provide a framework for analysis + action. The term derives from the Greek word “soma”, which means the body in its living wholeness. The core ideology of somatics posits the undeniable interconnection + indispensable balance of mind, body, + mood. The use of somatics in leadership, begins by examining unconscious practiced behaviors, established by our interactions with family, community, + society throughout our lives, that block us from taking empowered action on our own behalf + ultimately aligning our behavior with our values + principles. It continues by establishing physical, emotional + mental practices that shake up + shed these binds.

why join?

our retreat will be held at garrison institute, located 45 minutes from the city in garrison, ny. in order to create a peaceful and contemplate container; a space where we can be together to share, explore, and deepen our understanding of how systems of oppression continuously limit our leadership and our very beings; we are fundraising to make this retreat possible.

this is important and necessary work.

making this retreat happen, in absence of institutional backing, may be a daunting task and keeping this work accessible, even more challenging.

the Retreat Participant Team is making a historical move... DIY funding to make this important retreat accessible to EVERYONE!

support the Oppression In the Soma retreat by supporting our team members to participate without hinderance.

if you are interested in joining the team, email us at events@universalpartnership.org

Team Captain

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