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For The Kids Dance Marathon at the University of Texas at San Antonio (FTK) is the largest non-profit student led organization in San Antonio. It is an organization that believes in dreaming big and providing an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of families with children, adolescents or young adults battling cancer. Therefore, FTK members work hard to provide financial and emotional support to the kids and their families.

The FTK team works to ensure that no family has to face pediatric cancer alone, and does this by putting on amazing events for the families and their children to enjoy, such as a fashion show and halloween parade. These events help the patients forget about the treatment and disease and provide them with the fun, positive and joyful experieces they need as children.

The members’ year-long fundraising efforts culminate in an annual 12-hour Dance Marathon. The Dance Marathon is where we celebrate our efforts and show the kids that we will stand with them to fight pediatric cancer. Last year alone, FTK raised over $50,000. The Dance Marathon is a demonstration of hope that asks participants to show their support, giving the families an opportunity to escape the hospital environment. The event is a time for the families to reaffirm their belief in possibilities, and for the members to celebrate their year of dedication and hard work. The finale of the Dance Marathon is the reveal of our fundraising total, all of which goes directly to our FTK families.

FTK plays an essential role in the San Antonio Community because it has enabled the families to have access to funds to cover their transportation and traveling expenses especially since some families travel long distances for their child's treatment, groceries and other necessary expenses that are not covered by insurance. It is also vital because FTK funds can be used to help adolescents and young adults who may not qualify to assistance programs targeted to younger children.

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