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The For-Free-Marathon-Team is the unique team that sparks broad and joyful support for Faith Action University.

Team Members

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Daily FAU !

All of FAU is free and gratis.
For that FAU needs generous and happy sponsors who love to sponsor not only FAU and it's full time staff and logistics, but most of all the students, reearchers, professors, projects and events of FAU.

This is a global challenge and you can help a lot:
joyfully join the For Free Marathon Team to perform, win and exceed FAu's VERY important goals !
All FAU sponsors will be thankful you did. And so will the stidents, reserachers and the many beneficiaries of the FAU projects.

As a result of their individual study or research paths, FAU students and researchers are typically in need of a strong support package which is always completely sponsored.

Since FAU has almost no "overhang", every sponsor's donation will make a big impact, specifically for these students and researchers.

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