Fish a Thon 2014 - Kids Helping Kids Through Fishing!

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"Fish a Thon 2014 - Kids Helping Kids Through Fishing!" a team to help the Fishing For Life reach more kids, families and communities!


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Create your own fundraising page here at, so that you can share your link with family, friends and neighbors and ask them to donate online. Don't forget, your parents can also use social media, like Facebook and Twitter, to publicize your page!

Once you've created your page, register for the Fish a Thon at Sign up today! The first 50 kids who sign up will be invited to join a Mille Lacs Boat Launch with a parent or other adult on June 30th. (You must raise at least $100 to be eligible).

By particpating in the Fish a Thon, you'll help Fishing for Life raise funds for camp, lake events, and distribution of free fishing rods to kids across the Twin Cities.

In addition to collecting pledges online, you can also print a paper pledge sheet at to collect pledges in person. Pledges (both online and in person) are due June 30th, and must be received in the mail by August 1st.

When you submit your final pledge form, you'll also have an opportunity to choose the prize you'd like to receive, which is determined by how much you raise. You can find all of the prize levels at Good luck, and thanks for joining us!

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Jimmy Fishathon Jimmy Fishathon

Sharing my talents to raise money for inner-city kids!