First grade Learn To Skate

A team for Green Central Park Elementary

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"First grade Learn To Skate" a team to help the Green Central Park students learn to skate and work together!


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What: 6 weeks of skating lessons.

For whom: 53 awesome first graders from diverse backgrounds in Minneapolis: 96% free/reduced lunch, 50% immigrants, 8 homeless students

Why: Imagine being a six year-old stuck inside in a cold Minnesota winter. Now imagine the opportunity to join a fully funded hockey team and getting weekly individual tutoring. What a difference that would make.

This is possible after having the Learn to Skate experience. The DinoMights Learn to Skate program partners with local elementary schools to teach students how to skate. This program offers students who would otherwise not have access to team sports, winter outdoor activities, and hockey the chance to learn valuable skills like cooperation, perseverence, and self-esteem. Through this program, students are given opportunities to join a hockey team and get one-on-one tutoring for the rest of their elementary and middle school careers.

Students in poverty rarely have the same opportunities as their wealtheir peers; the ability to participate in the program seeks to level the playing field for our students.

DinoMights generously funds the costs for renting the ice and teaching all first graders skating skills; however the price of the bus is covered by the students and teachers. The amount of money it costs for students to travel to the ice rink 6 times is prohibitively expensive. With your help, we can send our kids to Learn to Skate and in doing so, gain invaluable life experiences.

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