Firecracker Ambassadors 2014


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$3,640 raised of $10,000
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"Firecracker Ambassadors 2014" a team to help the COMMON HEART INC feed hungry families in Charlotte NC region.


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Keith Adams

Keith Adams, Ambassador for Hungry Families!

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Cheri Bankhead

Cheri Bankhead fundraising for Firecracker Ambassadors 2014

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Victoria Bennett

Victoria Bennett fundraising for Firecracker Ambassadors 2014

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Raleigh Bankhead

Raleigh Bankhead fundraising for Firecracker Ambassadors 2014

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Michael Robisch

Michael Robisch fundraising for Firecracker Ambassadors 2014

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Melissa LoPresto

Melissa LoPresto fundraising for Firecracker Ambassadors 2014

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John Bramhall

John Bramhall fundraising for Firecracker Ambassadors 2014

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Tyler Furr

Tyler Furr fundraising for Firecracker Ambassadors 2014

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Common Heart Firecracker Run is an event for the whole family. WE have 4 races - 10k, 5k, 1k & Kids Firecracker Dash that that has a walk-a-thon style component to it. Each ambassador is telling Common Heart's story and inviting friends, family, co-workers, local businesses, etc to sponsor their efforts. Our goal as a team is to raise $20,000 enough to feed 1000 families for a week! With the support of our friends, who knows we may be able to reach $30,000 or $45,000.. Please help by supporting your Common Heart Ambassador with a generous donation.

On July 4 the 2nd Annual Common Heart Firecracker Run will take place in the Village of Lake Park outside Charlotte NC. On that day runners will seek to do their personal best running in any of the races. Others will just strive to complete the course. But all our ambassadors will share the goal of feeding hungry families!

We come from a variety of backgrounds, ages and stages in life, but we are united to help Common Heart promote its "small revolution of kindness." Every step we take, every heavy breath we breathe, every drop of sweat will be raising money to feed families this year through Common Heart's two food pantries.

This is not just an online fundraiser. Neither will all of our team members be using this site to colect funds. But for those who do are goal for this online team is $10,000.

Team Captain

Keith Adams Keith Adams