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"Fight on! Fight AIDS! USC Arusha 5K Fundraising team" a team to help the SUPPORT FOR INTERNATIONAL CHANGE...


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Support For International Change is a non-profit organization that promotes awareness HIV/AIDS in Tanzania. We, Jason Cho and Angie Huynh, participated in Volunteer Program 1 in summer of 2012. The two months there was an eye-opening experience and we had the best summer of our lives!

By living in the villages, we were fully emerged in the Tanzanian culture. The people of Tanzania welcomed us with open arms. Our favorite part was having young children screaming our names as we walk down the streets of our villages. We had the opportunity to teach a wide range of population from primary school students to elder village leaders. Together, our volunteer program taught 3749 Males and 3415 Females and tested 1330 individuals for HIV/AIDS.

Inspired by the past summer with SIC, we are fundraising in order to enable SIC to continue to allow students from the US to volunteer in Tanzania as well as to support their great operation in the villages where Jason and Angie lived in.

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