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Feed hungry people


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Revolution Annapolis

Feed 100K

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Barbara Carneiro


$1,540 17


Jason Craig

Jason Craig

$1,175 10


Andrew Hunter

Feed 100K

$500 4


David Mallek

Barack Obama Elementary School Staff

$150 2


Aubrey Custer


$100 1


Sue Burnett

Mike,Sue, Daja, Isaiah Burnett

$50 1


Jennifer Gagliardo

Saving Lives!

$25 1


Maria Wilhlem

Feed 100k

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Karen Custer

Feed 100K

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  • James Smith: Thank you Revolution Church for getting out there and going for it!
    about Feed 100K
  • Lisa Marie Kupke: Let's get it to 25K!
    about Feed100K
  • Shawnda Sanders-Moultrie: Thank you for allowing God to use yoU!!
    about Feed 100K
  • Jeannie M Ricigliano: May God bless your efforts in this very worthy cause!
    about Feed 100K
  • Betsy J. Delisio: Many thanks and much blessings to all of you! Our prayers for great weather,...
    about Feed 100K
  • Elizabeth Arnold: Thank you for being the hands and feet of God! You guys rock!
    about Feed 100K
  • domingos a lopes: continue because for everything you do GOD WILL BLESS YOU....
    about Feed100K
  • Pete Hoffmann: Thank you for doing what you are doing!!
    about Feed100K
  • Barbara A Gray: I feel this is an awesome task you all have undertaken. Thank you for giving...
    about Feed 100K
  • Susan Sanderson: Katie and I are very happy to support you in a much needed effort!
    about Mike,Sue, Daja, Isaiah Burnett
  • David J Mallek: Thanks to the staff at BOES who donated!
    about Barack Obama Elementary School...
  • Heather Halverson: Go Centerpoint Church!!! :-)...
    about Feed 100K
  • Kathleen Hemberger: Thanks for this wonderful outreach.
    about Feed 100K
  • Philip A Gregoria: Thanks for doing this for our hungry neighbors in Somalia
    about Jason Craig
  • Patricia M Holmes: Good Luck Jason!!!
    about Jason Craig
  • Ian Lotinsky: What a great idea--glad to support your efforts!
    about Feed 100K
  • molly a holloway: You can do it, Jason! Thank you for spurring us on to think about this issue....
    about Jason Craig
  • jennifer donovan: In the words of Weird Al " If you aint fat- you aint nothing"
    about Jason Craig
  • Annelise Murphy: Feed 40K was fantastic, so I can only imagine Feed 100K will be even more of...
    about Feed 100K
  • Jenn Wolfe: I never spent a day without a meal why should anyone else!
    about Feed 100K

Feed 100K is an event where
100,000 meals
will be packed and shipped
to Africa to save people
from dying of starvation.

Team Captain

Josh Burnett Josh Burnett

  1. Josh BurnettJosh Burnett 03/22/2012 at 05:11 PM ET
    We are getting there! The matching donation is up! make a donation and have a double impact!
  2. Emily JohnsonEmily... 03/13/2012 at 02:36 PM ET
    Dang. I must have set mine up wrong - I wanted to be on that Leaderboard!!! Boo.
  3. Josh BurnettJosh Burnett 03/06/2012 at 09:54 PM ET
    We are getting there!!!