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Attempting to end long-term poverty for women in need; one micro-loan at a time. http://get-hope-global.org/


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Three TCU Horned Frog social entrepreneurs realizing that the rest of the world deserves opportunities that we take for granted every day. Partnering with Get HOPE Global (http://get-hope-global.org/), we are creating a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for micro-loans that will directly increase the quality of life for up and coming women entrepreneurs in Africa. We realize that in order to solve the long-term problem of poverty, the solution is not global aid itself, but providing the infrastructure for futurisitc enterprises.

We believe in the historical (and yes clichè) adage of the fisherman: give a person a fish, and they eat for a day. Teach a person to fish, and they will be able to eat for a lifetime.

Get HOPE Global focuses on education, business lessons, and building hope for the future. Join team FATE and donate to a cause that not only provides a token of hope for a woman in need, but provides an opportunity to develop courage, strength, and independence that will leave poverty in the dust. Here is a link to an official Get HOPE Global video for a personal look into this cause: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_X13SJ-qIU.

BUT WHY MICRO LOANS? (you might be asking...)

Although giving back to the world at large is something that has many more benefits than detrimental costs, Get HOPE Global understands that those in impoverished countries don't need our charity: they need opportunity. Like anyone who has started a business on their own or who has supported a venture here in the United States, expansion, debt, and multiple variable costs impact business on a day to day basis. Thus with this in mind, micro-loans support entrepreneurship and opportunity rather than blindly giving money to a cause, in that the money will be used DIRECTLY in the following ways to women in need:

  • Expansion of local businesses
  • Debt payoff for those nearly in the "green"
  • Supplies and materials cost
  • Property and onsite investments
  • Hiring costs

On top of all of the uses and benefits listed above, Get HOPE Global also provides courses and training regarding business development, creation, and basic financial and accounting principles. These development programs allow women to sustain their local business in the long run, meaning that they will become providers for themselves. In turn, they will become leaders and providers for their family, community, and future at large.

For more information on Get HOPE Global's mission and current projects, please click on the green link at the top of this page that directly goes to their official Razoo page!


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  2. OR, the easier method of the two. Simply click on one of the existing funraisers on the Leaderboard, and donate to this specific person's campaign. ALL DONATIONS GO STRAIGHT TO GET HOPE GLOBAL THROUGH OUR TEAM, but based on who has reached out to you, donate under their name. If you are an awesome person who has just been on an epic Razoo search for causes to donate to, go ahead and click on my personal fundraiser (under Joe Petrow) and become a donor under my name. You can remain anonymous if desired!

Thank you all for the support and if you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to me personally: joe.petrow@tcu.edu.

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