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The Chicago Professional Chapter of the volunteer organization EWB is raising money to drill 2 wells for the town of Napenkara, Burkina Faso


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EWB-CPC Napenkara Well Project

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EWB-CPC Napenkara Well Project

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The Need:

The rural community of Napenkara, in the western Banfora region of Burkina Faso, West Africa, has no electrical service, no sewer system, no phone or internet service and no source of clean drinking water. The 4,000 villagers are able to grow enough crops to feed their families and typically walk or bicycle 3 to 5 miles to and from the nearest well or river in order to collect water. The lack of potable water is responsible for a high incidence of diarrhea, cholera, typhoid and sometimes death. Children who are able to attend the local schoolhouse often miss class in order to fetch water.

The EWB-USA Response:

The EWB-Chicagoland Professional Chapter is now organizing volunteers to find out if potable water can be found within Napenkara and near the new school. Preliminary information indicates that groundwater is available in the area. Borehole wells are a common source of water in the region but none exist within the village today. Our team will travel to Napenkara to collaborate with the village to assess their water needs, evaluate hydrological information, perform water tests and review the quality / cost of local equipment and labor required for the work. If successful, we will return this year to help drill two wells, with pumps and purification equipment.

Following Up:

The EWB-Chicago Professional Chapter, with its NGO partner Future For Faso Children, is committed to supporting the future of the Napenkara community. Our long-term goals include assisting the village to:

  • Develop and maintain a sustainable source of clean water for all of the area’s residents
  • Expand the school facilities for the use of all the area’s children, of whom 99% cannot read
  • Improve local roads, which flood during the rainy season, in order to allow villagers year-round access to nearby local markets

Team Captain

Jim Hall Jim Hall

A recent trip to India made me aware of the importance of something as simple as clean water