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"EWB-CPC Candelaria Honduras Waste Management Project" a team to help the ENGINEERS WITHOUT BORDERS USA INC...


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Our team is raising funds to defray the costs of future engineering-related service trips to Candelaria, Honduras. The EWB Chicago Professional Chapter is in the 3rd year of a 5 year commitment to this mountain community in southwest Honduras.

The municipality of Candelaria is situated in the lower arm of a mountain range called Celaque. The river Pichigual cuts through the community. The highest point in the immediate area is 3175 feet high. Candelaria has approximately 7000 residents: 2,000 to 2,500 residents in the town center and a surrounding rural population of 5,500.

The waste management project revolves around the community’s desire to be conscientious about its own waste and maintain it in an environmentally responsive manner. There have been five principal components: landfill cell construction, recycling center improvements, organic composting, plant nursery, and micro-business initiatives. All five components focus on the community’s waste management and support endeavors to create a monetarily sustainable project.

Six members of the team returned from a successful implementation trip in April. During this trip, the community and the team members constructed Landfill Cell 2, installed leachate system piping, constructed additional walls for Recycle Center Building, built a plastics baler, conducted additional micro-business workshops and installed needle destructors (for the companion medical waste management project).

We are now entering an exciting second phase of the project. The community’s Waste Management Committee has asked EWB-CPC to now focus on the Pichigual river. Several projects were identified, all of which
continue the theme of environmental enhancement of the community:

1)Water quality improvement of the Pichigual River,

2) Development of new sand bars for creation of a micro-business opportunity for the residents of Barrio San Francisco (the poorest area), by selling the sand as raw material for mortar and concrete,

3) Development of a potential tilapia and hydroponics
farm near the river, and potential eco-tourism snack bar along the enhance
river’s edge.

The money we raise will help make these projects a reality for the community, by providing the funds for materials and logistics. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Team Captain

Lili Dumelle Lili Dumelle

  1. Lili DumelleLili Dumelle 05/29/2012 at 09:04 PM ET
    Triple your fundraising! I'll personally match what you raise, and my employer will match me. See me for details.