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$6,675 raised of $15,000
($5,950 online, $725 offline)

"EPHAS Dream-Makers" was assembled to boost EPHAS' fundraising capacity through our network of followers, believers, and supporters.


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G. Ryan Ansin

Ryan Ansin fundraising for EPHAS Dream-Makers

$3,860 7


Ashley Costello

Ashley Costello fundraising for EPHAS Dream-Makers

$1,320 31


Kelsey Katahira

Kelsey Katahira fundraising for EPHAS Dream-Makers 1

$480 5


Sarah Whitney

Sarah Whitney fundraising for EPHAS Dream-Makers

$440 9


Catherine Monrad

Catherine Monrad fundraising for EPHAS Dream-Makers

$435 7


Jen Kozin

Jen Kozin fundraising for EPHAS Dream-Makers

$125 2


Brian Castricini

Brian Castricini fundraising for EPHAS Dream-Makers

$15 1


Paige Cahill

Paige Cahill fundraising for EPHAS Dream-Makers

$0 0

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The EPHAS Dream-Makers team is a group of EPHAS Ambassadors who are excited to present the organization to their families, friends, and colleagues because they, too, believe that there are stories all over the world, waiting to be uncovered--good and bad.

The EPHAS mission is to create powerful connections around the world through digital photography and the internet. In 22 locations across eight countries, including Cambodia, Haiti, Rwanda and the United States, EPHAS runs full-time photography clinics inside schools and other local organizations, providing students with equipment and instruction that allows them to do something many around the world take for granted: to snap a photo that tells a story of their daily lives, and upload it to the internet for thousands to see.

When EPHAS partnered with Rapper/Author/Activist, Emmanuel Jal, an amazingly fortunate series of events allowed Jal to acheive his first childhood dream--to fly a private plane (thanks always to Costas Malapanis--the original Dream-Maker).

The fine group of people that make up the EPHAS Dream-Makers do just that. They allow dreams to come true not just for me, by fulfilling mine, but for thousands of participants down the road--quite possibly on the other side of the globe.

Team Captain

G. Ryan Ansin G. Ryan Ansin

I want to watch EPHAS succeed for one-hundred years.

  1. G. Ryan AnsinG. Ryan... 03/03/2012 at 10:26 AM ET
    (PS. I've got some amazing new images and am going to leverage big time and reclaim my first-place!)
  2. G. Ryan AnsinG. Ryan... 03/03/2012 at 10:25 AM ET
    Hey Guys--3,275 raised by the first seven members of the EPHAS Dream-Makers--HUGE Thanks! The next $3,000 is being matched by EF--Grab the pictures on EPHAS' facebook from Kenya/South Sudan and blast out a reminder! Going to be enormous!