Enlighten the Youth and Khadarlis Annual fundraiser


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"Enlighten the Youth and Khadarlis Annual fundraiser" a team to help the KHADARLIS FOR SIERRA LEONE..., and Enlighten the Youth


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Enlighten the Youth

Mohamed Kamara, Johnson & Wales University, Providence Campus Mohamed Kamara, a junior at Johnson & Wales University (JWU), is passionate about providing educational opportunities for children in Africa. A refugee from Sierra Leone’s bloody civil war, Mohamed knows firsthand the challenges faced by children living in poverty and turmoil. In high school, he engaged in fundraising efforts to provide school fees for two African schoolchildren. As an International Business major at JWU, Mohamed has used his entrepreneurial spirit to create Enlighten the Youth (ETY), a nonprofit dedicated to providing education and literacy resources to children in Africa, to address the root causes of social issues there. Through Mohamed’s vision and vocal leadership, ETY has already partnered in the establishment of a literacy center in Ghana, and next he hopes to fund the first public library in his home country of Sierra Leone. Mohamed’s initiative and transformational leadership embody the power of education partnered with opportunity that he seeks to provide for children all across Africa.

Khadarlis for Sierra Leone

Khadarlis is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to working with communities, children and families to alleviate poverty and social inequality worldwide. Our organization works through strategic partnerships and applies advocacy, catalytic assistance, innovation, participatory and right-based approaches to development work. We work by promoting civic empowerment, self-help and self-sufficiency for economic and sustainable development. Our past projects have included community empowerment through building and sustaining wells, local community centers and schools, as well as supplementing medical supplies to peripheral health units. Education is very important to Khadarlis, Bargbo Chiefdom children needs you to help secure their future.

Khadarlis was established in 2007 to assist vulnerable communities in Sierra Leone. The aftermath of the 11-year civil war had left these communities with little to no access to basic living supplies. With a passion to reduce the overwhelming poverty and displacement in her homeland, the formation of a nonprofit became the most compelling option reached for Aisha Khadar, and Co-founder/ Executive Director. With the unwavering support of Darlis Johnson, who now serves as President, they established Khadarlis after their first visit to Jimmi Bargbo, Sierra Leone and the surrounding area.

The team

With both organizations goals for this project being EDUCATION and Educating our Future. The children of Sierra Leone. The co effort will provide two building in each of the organization community. Two school that will serve over thousand and thousand of children for years to come.

Team Captain

Aisha Khadar Aisha Khadar

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