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Run! To raise awareness for ALS and money in support of Hiro Fujita.


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Recently, a group of us in New York got together and began organizing a run in honor of a high school friend who has ALS (aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease). ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord, which leads to loss in muscle control and in later stages, complete paralysis.

Our friend Hiro Fujita was diagnosed three years ago. Since then, his physical condition has deteriorated tremendously. Earlier this year, he underwent a tracheostomy procedure to help him breathe, and he currently uses an eye-tracking device to navigate a computer system, which assists with his communication and keeps him connected with others.Yet with all that he has been through, his spirit is relentless. He is as sharp as ever and continues to work as a planning director at McCann Erickson. He has since begun a movement called END ALS (www.end-als.com) to spread awareness and to help find a cure, was recently featured on national television in Japan, and has publicly spoken about his condition and experiences. He is a fighter, and an incredible inspiration to us all.

Although miles away here in NYC, Hiro’s blogs have kept us informed of what he is going through both good and bad. We are continuously moved by Hiro’s strength and determination. Since we are not in Tokyo to support him in person, we have decided to organize a movement to support him from afar. That is where the race and you come in. We hope you will consider making a donation and/or joining us in whatever capacity you feel inclined to.

Relay Race Details:

Who: 12 people

What: 200 mile race in 24 hours

Where: Mountain Creek to Seaside Heights, NJ

When: October 18th ~ 19th, 2013

Why: To support Hiro Fujita in his END ALS movement.

For more information on the actual race, go to http://nj.rtbrelay.com/ and http://nj.rtbrelay.com/race.php


All donations will go directly to Hiro. He has shown interest in distributing money toward IPS Stem Cell Research and in purchasing eye-tracking communication devices for people who do not have them.

**Thank you for reading, and we hope you will help us fight ALS!

Team Captain