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Emmet's Rad Riders - Stuck In Motion 2015

A team for United Cerebral Palsy of Central Minnesota

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Support Emmet's Rad Riders Raise Funds for UCP of Central MN


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Billi Rudningen

Emmet's Rad Riders

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Amanda Duran

Amanda Duran

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Jessica Anhorn

Emmets Rad Riders

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Summer Bilben

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Emma Kramer

Emmet's Rad Riders

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"Emmet's Rad Riders" is a team helping United Cerebral Palsy of Central Minnesota raise funds to support individuals who face the challenges of living with a disability. Funds raised provide services, technology, equipment, and enrich the lives of children and adults living with cerebral palsy and other disabilities. 90% of all funds received support local programs in Minnesota with the rest going to support national chapters. UCP consistently ranks among the top five health care organizations for greatest percentage of funds going directly to programs and services. Therefore you know every dollar you provide will go to help improve the lives of people just like Emmet. Thank you for supporting our 2015 Stuck in Motion bike team.

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Billi Rudningen Billi Rudningen