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Happy Birthday to Byte Back - and many more! Give $15 for Byte Back's 15th, and help us continue to provide essential services to DC.


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Byte Back provides computer literacy skills, job readiness training, and IT certification preparation to low income residents of the Washington, DC community. This is what bridging the digital divide looks like:

-A mother waves to her children in El Salvador using Skype

-A proud grandfather sends photographs of his grandchildren to his brother across the country

-A community leader helps her neighbors register to vote and access services online

-A retiree returns to work to help her family manage in this economy

-An administrative assistant keeps up to date with the latest software, enabling him to earn a promotion

-A DC resident becomes qualified for one of the many available beltway jobs requiring IT certifications

-Byte Back alumni network and secure Byte Back computer labs

-Washingtonians form a community in which teachers take classes, students teach, and learning never stops

Because our teachers are volunteers, Byte Back is cost effective - but we need funding for computers, class materials, testing costs, and improved lab space. Our classes our full, and we need to open more. Your $15 will help us connect more Washingtonians to resources, information, jobs, skills, opportunities, and a learning community.

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