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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

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The EduSerc Seq Fundraiser is designed to build an infrastructure to sustain EduSerc's efforts during the sequestration period


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Our team is designed to ensure that the hard work performed by EduSerc since 1996 continues during the direct and hard effects of sequestration in 2013. As an organization uniquely built as an innovative organization, the impact of a bad economy can still affect the long-term effects of our volunteer staff.

Our team is uniting to ask for the support of those to help us raise this small amount of money to sustain our efforts in the short term. Our goal is to use the funds to prepare for our summer programs, reach our network of parents and educators and promote a larger campaign to increase our membership of donors.

Your efforts serve as a seed that will grow into a beautiful flower of members, additional programs and hundreds of youth in schools this summer within the Washington DC areas (and beyond)

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