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Helping EdPowerment empower individuals with intellectual disabilities in Tanzania!


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Bob Staudt

Run for Rights for Kids with Autism

$390 8


Mary Stoeger

Human Rights for Children with Autism 8K Challenge

$110 4


Christina Jennings

Christina supports the Autism Connects Tanzania program!

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Lorrie Cardwell

Lorrie Shuffles for Special Needs

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Kate Gilman

Autism Awareness

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EdPowerment Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to enabling education in disadvantaged communities. Their programs bring learning opportunities to young people in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania by developing the Kilimahewa Educational Centre and supporting the surrounding community; providing sponsorships that allow more qualified teenagers to access quality schooling; and offering support programs to families facing autism and other special needs through a program called Autism Connects Tanzania.

Autism Connects Tanzania (ACT), was created in 2010 to raise awareness about intellectual disabilities in a country with little to no resources for individuals with special needs. ACT aims to educate Tanzanian families, organizations and schools about intellectual disabilities, to create a national network to better serve this population, and to protect children with intellectual disabilities from harm. To accomplish these goals, ACT organizes educational workshops, facilitate connections among families, local support groups and professional communities, provide educational materials, host an informational website in English and Swahili, and facilitate special education sponsorships.

The EdPowerment Shamrock Shuffle 2013 team is running to support the Autism Connects Tanzania program and doing so just 5 days after World Autism Awareness Day. Please donate today and support them in their efforts!

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Jillian Swinford Jillian Swinford