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$73,977 raised of $80,000
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"Dream Big! Marathon Team is raising funds to provide low-income girls with the basic items necessary for them to participate in sports.


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Jennifer Marchio

Run Like a Girl for Dream Big!

$11,440 115


Demi Clark

Demi Clark Runs for the Dream Big! Boston Marathon Team

$8,011 67


Robin Lynch

Helping Long Beach Recover by Dream Big!

$6,186 69


George Stevens

One week till the Boston Marathon! Running 26.2 for Dream Big!

$5,588 45


Dawn Ventre

Dawn Ventre - Dream Big! Boston Marathon 2013 Team

$5,435 54


Kristen Bessette

Kristen Bessette

$5,340 77




$5,267 94


Bridget Mackey

Bridget Mackey...helping make girls strong and confident! Dream Big!

$5,101 47


Matthew Henschel

Matthew Henschel

$4,785 21


Margaret Stevens

Margaret Stevens Runs the 2013 Boston Marathon with Dream Big!

$4,758 52


Nicole Terramagra

Big Dreams for Dream Big!

$4,240 46


Marcus Gillam

Marcus Gillam

$4,000 21


Angeli Kakade

Angeli Kakade is running the 2013 Boston Marathon for the Dream Big! Marathon Team

$3,900 24


Jerry Ng

Jerry Ng - Dream Big! 2013 Boston Marathon Team

$0 2


Kevin Penn

Kevin Penn - 2013 Dream Big! Boston Marathon Team

$0 1

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Every day a girl in need steps on the playing field, court or track without the proper footwear, equipment, sports attire or training. Imagine trying to run the Boston Marathon with out the proper foot wear. In April 2013 the Dream Big! Marathon Team, made up of 15 runners from around the world, will take to the start line of the Boston Marathon to help breakdown the economic barrier that currently prevents many girls from participating in sports and physical activities.

Dream Big!, a Massachusetts based charity, works to provide low-income and homeless girls with equipment, uniforms, athletic footwear, program fees, training expenses, sports opportunities and the supplies they need to participate in sports and physical activities that contribute to their overall health, fitness, and well-being.

Over the past two years Dream Big! has had a direct, positive effect on more than 2500 girls through equipment donations, program scholarships, sports clinics and the Dream Big! Leadership Conference for middle & high school girls.

Unfortunately, poverty can severely limit a young girl’s involvement in sports. Dream Big! is working to breakdown the financial barrier that currently prevents girls from participating. Here are a few examples of the impact Dream Big! donations had this past year: Donated basketball sneakers and uniforms and soccer cleats and socks helped to support two girls basketball programs and a soccer team who use sports to help girls suffering with trauma and abuse; a donation of equipment and uniforms prevented a high school softball team from cancelling their season; Dream Big! Program Scholarships sent girls to summer basketball camp and other girls took dance lessons throughout the year; 150 girls attended their first ever Celtics basketball game; hundreds of girls attended Dream Big! Sports Clinics in partnership with local college sports teams and the Dream Big! Leadership Conference brought together 150 girls from economically disadvantaged communities with former collegiate and Olympic female athletes, now community and corporate leaders, to hear about the impact sports had on their lives and about the college and career opportunities available to them.

Team Captain

Linda Driscoll Linda Driscoll

  1. Linda DriscollLinda... 04/26/2013 at 10:40 AM ET
    No words can express the deep appreciation we have for all of our Dream Big! Marathon Team members who achieved so much over the past six months. In addition we want to send a very special thank you to all of their supporters who have not only helped to raise over $82,000 for Dream Big! but in addition your support and love to our team throughout the past two weeks has meant so very much to each and everyone of us. Thank you!!
  2. Linda DriscollLinda... 04/14/2013 at 10:03 PM ET
    In just a few hours the Dream Big! Marathon Team will be approaching the start line and thanks to each and every donor and the 15 Dream Big! Marathon Team Members we have reached the team goal of $80,000 in fundraising and donations are still coming in!! Thank you does not express the appreciation we all have for your support of Dream Big! and the thousands of girls that will be impacted this year thanks so much to your generosity. To the runners we will hug you at the start line and cheer you across the finish. Dream Big!!
  3. Linda DriscollLinda... 04/12/2013 at 01:21 PM ET
    To the Dream Big! Marathon Team Members and each and every donor thank you so much on behalf of the over 1000 girls that have been impacted over the past 6 months through Dream Big! Equipment Grants and Program Scholarships. You are all so amazing.
  4. Linda DriscollLinda... 04/01/2013 at 11:22 PM ET
    Two weeks to go till these amazing 15 athletes approach the start of the Boston Marathon. Thank you so much to everyone that helped to support them along the way while impacting the lives of thousands of girls.
  5. Linda DriscollLinda... 03/15/2013 at 11:47 PM ET
    To every donor that has helped the Dream Big! Marathon Team to raise over $60,000 thank you so much on behalf of the amazing girls and young women that will have the opportunity to participate in sports and physical activities. Thank you so very much!