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"DRC India Team" is a team to help the DEL REY HILLS EVANGELICAL FREE CHURCH send a music ministry team to India in October 2014!

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Brian Criscuolo

Brian Criscuolo India Mission Trip

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Shannon Tracy

Shannon Tracy: India Missions Trip 2014

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There are right ways and wrong ways to do short-term missions trips. But the questions is why should we do this one? What makes this trip to India right for us? It is a fact that short-term missions trips often do not go to places nor work among peoples who most need long-term gospel ministers. The Western Church gravitates towards beauty-spots and insodoing neglects the true gospel-deprived areas of the world. We have been invited to work among a people group in India by one of our missionaries and his in-country partner.

We are confident in the potential for fruit to come of this trip. Why? Our activities and services would be carried out within the context of an existing initiative by local believers to plant churches in the region. It has been suggested by the partners that we as a church send a musical team to play free concerts in common areas. The concerts will draw people together, and also provide a platform for our team and local believers to speak about Jesus Christ.

How can this help? With the hope that some churches would eventually be planted there, we would be seeding the gospel to a very hard to reach people group. The people are Muslim and have resisted the Christians in the area. Our presence would be strategic to reach these people.

We have scheduled the trip for October 12-19. Our team is getting ready to rock and roll. Costs for the trip per person is $2,000. The biggest cost variant is going to be the tickets.

If you can help support our team finacially we thank you in advance. Please also join in praying for us and the salvation of the lost.

Lets go!

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