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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

$1,050 raised of $1,000

Come Join us in the "Race to Save Tiny Lives" in Long Grove on September 7th. Register for the race and join our team. Our goal: $1000!!!


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Dr. Paul Schattauer

Dr. Paul Schattauer

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Lucas Schattauer

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marcia schattauer

Lucas Schattaur

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  • Thomas J. McNichols: excellent doctor and a great guy who actually laughs at my incredibly weak...
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  • Thomas H. Schattauer: Good work, Lucas! All the best in the run. I am happy to support you!
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  • Elena Lane: Our family is blessed to have the opportunity to be in your care:)
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Click on this link: http://milkbankwgl.org/volunteer/news-events/race-to-save-lives-2013/ and sign up to race for the cause. Then join my team, by clicking on "fundraise" to the right, set up your own site, share it with friends, family and whoever can sponsor you to race on Dr. Paul's team. My goal is to get ten team members to raise $100 and reach our goal of $1000. Let's see how much money we can raise for the cause!

Dr. Paul's Milk Depot team is sponsored by The Green Medical Practice in Oak Park, a family practice dedicated to making breast milk available for all babies. Help open the first human milk bank in Illinois! We support mothers everywhere to breastfeed their babies. When it is not possible for moms to provide their own milk we want donated human milk to be the standard for nourishing all babies!

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Dr. Paul Schattauer Dr. Paul Schattauer

Help open a human milk bank in Chicago

  1. Dr. Paul SchattauerDr. Paul... 09/06/2013 at 09:14 AM ET
    We did it! We reached our goal. Thanks to all of you who worked hard to make it happen. Now let's go and run our best race!
  2. Dr. Paul SchattauerDr. Paul... 08/01/2013 at 11:16 AM ET
    Let's raise some money for a good cause!