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"Dorothea's Kisi" a team to help the JAARS INC...

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I adopted TC a week ago, and would like to raise money for her and for more dogs! He runs a very clean shelter. He Clorox'es the indoor concrete one day and the outdoor concrete the next. Also, I am out of money right now. I have had to dip into my mother's estate account. God bless you for even considering donating!

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Dorothea Dickerson Dorothea Dickerson

  1. Dorothea DickersonDorothea... 10/12/2014 at 02:58 AM ET
    I had to register this as a Jaars fundraiser, because James is not officially listed as a nonprofit, I guess. I'm going to suggest that he do that! No funds will go to Jaars with this fundraiser. All will go to James' shelter.