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AlamanceMommies Team

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What is the Mommy Myth? It's that mom's don't need help. Getting rid of the idea that moms can do it all and that nobody can ever see us sweat. Our hardest battle as women...as mothers, is the idea that we can do it all.... be a mother, be a partner, be a provider, be a homemaker... doing all of these things and doing them all with ease. We fight, everyday, to do all of these things and do them perfectly. We 'pin', we scrapbook, we lay out the idea of perfection and tell ourselves that we cannot let anyone see how hard it is. We tell ourselves that asking for help..that asking for support... that it makes us weak. But moms who have a support network know better.

What makes The Mommies Network different is that we KNOW that isn't true. We look to each other and say " I'm struggling", and we get back thousands of voices echoing back to us " We know... we struggle too". There is power in that vulnerability, and we step into the light when we let down the walls of perfection. The Mommy Myth is simply that we don't need support. Everyday, The Mommies Network is here, giving a place for moms to let down that wall and come into a community where other moms know it's hard, and share in the struggle.

It's not always perfect...not everyone agrees. But we are here...lights on, door open, for any mom who has decided to rid herself of the burden of the Mommy Myth. Help us keep that door open and those lights on... remember those moments where you needed those voices echoing back to you " We struggle too", and think about how valuable that is to you.

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