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"DISH Breakers" a team that puts the "YEA!" in Yoga, Education, and Arts.


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Doug Gary

DISH Breakers 2014!

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Ariel Fortune

Ariel Fortune Fundraising for DISH Breakers 2014

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Alyssa Schrag

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Lauren Hall

2nd Annual DISH Breakers

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John Wiskind

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Jason Pellegrini

Jason Pellegrini Fundraising for DISH Breakers 2014!

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Jennifer León

Jennifer Leon

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Kristina Hallett

Kristina Hallett

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Meghan Freeman

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Bay to Breakers is a "San Francisco Original." Kind of like Delivering Innovation in Supportive Housing--we started our work nearly 8 years ago because we believe that everyone deserves a home. Every day, we provide high-quality, permanent housing to San Franciscans who suffer from serious health issues—because with our help, they can get off the streets, rebuild their lives, and strengthen our communities. In addition, we wanted to do it with a focus on improving the living conditions in the buildings, and creating supportive and welcoming communities to help people leave the streets PERMANENTLY. In that spirit, we're asking you to be a part of the DISH community and join our DISH-Breakers team for the 7-mile Bay to Breakers race on May 19. You can walk, run, or stumble your way to the finish line while raising funds to support DISH's goal of providing safe, beautiful communities for the tenants we serve.

Funds raised will directly support Yoga, Education and Arts (YEA!) for our 450 DISH tenants over the next 6 months. Through our community building program, DISH will host yoga classes to help tenants recharge mentally and physically; health education classes through the DOPE project, Red Cross, Glide and other partners; and host arts activities such as cultural outings, art classes, and game nights. This diverse range of fun and activities will help our tenants grow, increase their self-confidence, and reconnect to the broader Tenderloin, Mission, and San Francisco communities.


- We’d love to have you join our team! To be a team member you commit to raising a minimum of $150, but we’d love for every DISH Breaker to bring in more to help us reach our goal of $8,000! Once you’ve joined our team, we will register you for the Bay to Breakers race. For more information on joining, please contact Alyssa Schrag at

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