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Support team DISASTER DIVAS running for the Divas Half Marathon!

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Daniella Gayapersad-Chan

Daniella Gayapersad-Chan fundraising for Disaster Divas

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Mariel Verdi

Mariel Verdi fundraising for Disaster Divas

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Megan Amer

Megan Amer fundraising for Disaster Divas and DAP! Please help support me!!!

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Please support the Disaster Divas as we train for the Diva Half Marathon in September. Daniella, Mariel, and Megan have donated to Disaster Accountability Project (DAP) numberous times over the past few years, and now we're dedicating our next half marathon to this worthy cause. We’d like YOU to donate to DAP for us and for disaster survivors everywhere!

You may have heard of DAP from NPR, CNN, Washington Post or another major news outlet. Whenever a disaster strikes, the press seeks out DAP's Executive Director, Ben, to get the scoop: how much money relief groups raise and spend, which groups are more transparent, and what the public needs to know before they donate. With the help of a new grant from Knight Foundation, DAP is strengthening SmartResponse.org, an online tool to make this information easily accessible to the public.

DAP uses its media platform to advocate for policy changes. After DAP uncovered discrepancies in Red Cross’ response to survivors of Hurricane Sandy in New York, DAP began compiling people’s stories. DAP’s advocacy for Hurricane Sandy survivors in New York has led to the Red Cross releasing over $4 million to as many as 1,000 households. DAP’s oversight continues... Just this month, DAP created a petition to challenge the Red Cross’ argument that its methods for raising and spending money for disaster survivors is a “trade secret” and should be kept confidential.

Please help us make DAP stronger to do this good work, which minimizes loss of life and suffering after disasters. Your donation is tax deductible, so please donate as much as you can. Thank you!

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Daniella Gayapersad-Chan Daniella Gayapersad-Chan