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Help PBP buy 1000 dictionaries!

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"I got locked up in 2002 and I did not know how to read and write. I would get a book and try to read. I would get flustered and quit. So I got so mad and taught myself how to read. Then I started to learn how to spell. Thank you for the American Century Dictionary. It help me with my spelling and I learn a new word every day."

Douglas is just one of more than a thousand people who write to us asking for a dictionary in a typical year. To provide this crucial resource, we buy college level dictionaries (the American Century Dictionary) in bulk lots of 1000 at a 55% discount - just $2.50 a copy!

For the fourth year in a row, we are reaching out to the PBP community to help us fund another bulk purchase of dictionaries. Every $2.50 helps another person like Douglas!

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