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"Beauty for Ashes: Hope for Haiti" a team fundraiser to help the HAITICORPS INTERNATIONAL...


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In September, a Detroit teacher assigned her senior high school students to research, for ten weeks, an issue in Detroit that was of concern to them. One of her students emerged with a paper that outlined the effects of devastation on underserved communities, connecting Haiti to Detroit in the sense that both communities have struggled and suffered in profound ways. After completing her paper and receiving instructions to develop a project to address the impact of such devastation, this student decided that she wanted to travel to Haiti to share both her own and her peer’s research, as well as to help provide assistance, in some way---to the Haitian people- feeling a calling in her heart to serve after hearing of the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake.

So we set out a plan of action and contacted HaitiCorps (, a non-profit organization whose mission is:

"to harness the transformational power of national service in order to strengthen the Haitian workforce and facilitate recovery and development for a more vibrant, prosperous Haiti.”

HaitiCorps helped place us, as potential volunteers, with The Haitian Academy and facilitated a plan of action so that we could work in conjunction with the school to fuse Diamond’s project with the identified needs of the academy. We developed a plan and the intentions are as follows:

In April, we will be traveling to Haiti to serve at The Haitian Academy ( to:

1.Provide health, U.S. government, and SAT workshops to high school aged children who live at the boarding school located just outside of Port-Au-Prince (The School’s founder, Dr Rene, requested these particular workshops).

2. Bring needed items to the school such as art supplies, workbooks, sports equipment and clothing, and

3. Share a short movie documenting the empowering narratives of Detroit youth overcoming devastation in their community and their solutions to community social justice issues growing out of an intensive research process.

We hope to come back with video interviews of Haitian youth to share with high school students here in Detroit, to initiate a dialogue between young people across seas about rebuilding hope and their communities after enduring tremendous devastation.

Additionally, we hope to solicit funding from foundations in order to provide money to help rebuild some of the campus’s buildings that were damaged by the earthquake in 2010, and pay for tuition for students who would otherwise not be able to afford this education. There are currently 70+ students on campus in this predicament, and funding is needed.

So where do you come in?

We need money to help fund our trip, and to buy the desired resources that this school has identified via “a wish list.” With your donation, we will be able to purchase resources to help prepare youth for the SAT exam so that some of them may be able to attend university in the states after high school, host health sessions where we will offer cholera prevention and treatment seminars, buy feminine and hygiene products, provide school, recreational, and art supplies for classrooms, and share our stories as youth looking to make a real difference in our communities and our world.

We are also hoping to raise money for HaitiCorps, a wonderful, smaller non-profit that is growing and is deserving of money to help spread their grassroots operation.

Any amount will help, and we would appreciate it if you could share and re-post this. It all began as a small seed, and we believe that it will grow and bear fruit- with your help to either extend a donation or by forwarding it or posting a link to this page on your social networking site. We appreciate your time and commitment.

Thank you,

Diamond and Danielle

Team Captain

Danielle Filipiak and Diamond Davis Danielle Filipiak and Diamond Davis