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This the USX Service Learning trip to Detroit, MI.

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Mack Ave Community Church (MACC) is a church with a very incarnational focus on living out the gospel to the glory of God and, in doing so, building up a vibrant community of believers and reaching the surrounding urban neighborhood. As a team, we will be working alongside MACC by assisting in various projects in the city and by seeking to learn from their example about what it really looks like to live and breathe the gospel.

During last year’s trip, students from Gordon worked on several service projects, such as working in the homes of several church members who had made the decision to join the pastors in an intentional community in the ghetto. Along with this students were able to participate in door- to- door ministry in the efforts of inviting community members back to church. Students learned from leaders and members of MACC about the vision that God has given them for the church and about His work in their lives and in the city. They learned about the value of one-on-one discipleship and accountability, among other things that are part of the DNA of MACC.

Working with MACC helped our team to realize the need of those in our own country and gain a renewed sense of what a Christ-centered life and community looks like. We caught a glimpse of some of God's redeeming work in a broken city. Our experiences shaped our views of the Christian life in new ways. We served and were served and we pray that God will continue to use and bless the relationship between Gordon and MACC. As we plan for another trip we pray that it will be to the glory of God and that He will continue his work in our midst as well as in this city in need of Him.

To contact a trip leader email: Sarah Tang and Philip Mansour

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