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Six people from Crossroads bringing hope to children and families of the Deep Forest region in Rajahmundry India ..


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Crossroads partners with Children’s Relief International (CRI) who has been working with Pastor Isaiah Gottimkkala and his brother Ananth in the city of Rajahmundry for nearly six years. Here, they operate a boys and girls home as well as provide training and support for local pastors throughout surrounding rural villages known as the Deep Forest.

Life for families in the Deep Forest can be difficult, as those who live here are considered “untouchable.” They are subjected to an unjust religious and social system which views them as unworthy of opportunities like education, fair wages, and healthy living conditions. In spite of this, Pastor Isaiah and Ananth are bringing hope to hundreds of families by showing them a God who loves them in spite of their “untouchable-ness.”

From July 30th- August 6th, our team of six people will be assisting in these efforts by offering hygiene awareness training (e.g., clean water, wound care, and safe food), as well as telling them about the God who has cleaned them on the inside and given them an eternal home in His Son, Jesus Christ.

Please pray for our team’s effectiveness and humility as we serve families and pastors. In addition to prayer, would you consider a financial partnership? Thank you for your willingness to consider this partnership. Let’s partner together to love the least of these!

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