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"December Thailand Team" a team to help the FREEDOM 4-24...


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December Thailand

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Freedom 4/24 exists first and foremost to provide a pathway to freedom for the sexually exploited. We do this by supporting organizations that create relationships with women trapped in Thailand's sex industry. This means that the women from Beginnings, a Freedom 4/24 ministry and safe house in Bangkok, go into the red light districts repeatedly in order to form friendships with the women working there and build trust.

When a woman from Beginnings senses that a girl she has befriended is ready and seeking an escape, she offers to pay her "bar fee," which is typically $24. This fee is the same one a customer would pay to the bar owner to "purchase" the girl for the night. By paying the fee for her, Freedom 4/24 is offering this woman 24 hours of freedom.

Once she is free for the night, the goal is to show her a permanent route out of the sex industry, through Beginnings, which offers alternative means of survival and opportunities they never could have imagined.

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