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"Dayton's Bluff Community " a team to help the EAST SIDE FREEDOM LIBRARY...


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Dayton’s Bluff Community Council works to advance equity and enhance quality of life through partnerships and community engagement. We are happy to be one of the many teams supporting the East Side Freedom Library’s “Raise the Roof Campaign.”

From its inception, Dayton's Bluff Community Council has been impressed with the East Side Freedom Library’s mission to create a vibrant and equitable space for all members of the community. This library is a historical gem and cultural investment in the East Side. The Dayton’s Bluff Community Council encourages all community members to help sustain such an important institution in our East Side community.

Information about East Side Free Library:

The East Side Freedom Library is a new non-profit that is organizing to re-purpose the historic building at 1105 Greenbrier:

(1) To preserve the historic building as a living landmark of the East Side.

(2) Fill the building with resources-books, art, music, material object- which will contribute to the ability of East Siders of all ages to research, understand, and tell their stories. The East Side Freedom Library will become a place where East Sider will feel at home in listening to each other’s stories as well as telling their own.

(3) Develop educational and cultural programming: support the History Day projects, mentoring of students on paths to higher education, adult ed classes, poetry readings, film and book discussions, and more- to inspire learners of all ages.

For more information visit their Facebook page at:

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