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"David and Mary Parker" a team to help the EAST SIDE FREEDOM LIBRARY...


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The new East Side Freedom Library is a magnificent Carnegie building that has fallen into disrepair. Peter Rachleff and Beth Clearly are working to provide it a new life. They are starting at the top with a new roof to assure its preservation. This needs to be completed BEFORE they can occupy the building ---- read on!

They have a 15 year lease for a new library that will focus on working class history, immigration history, African American history, and ways of representing those histories — in performance, music, visual art. So it will be forum in which to present have been and how they have been represented over time. It will be Minnesota’s first labor library in a neighborhood that has been a source of great contributions to building the labor movement in Saint Paul, to building of immigrant institutions in Saint Paul, and to labor history in Minnesota.

Mary and I are trying to help the process. We are looking for lots of small donors.

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