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"Dashain Festival Team FOMN" a team to help FRIENDS OF MAITI NEPAL


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Sally Reed

Happy Holiday for the Children of Maiti Nepal

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We'll all pull together and chip in what we can to give Anuradha's girls and young women (and some little boys, too) a Dashain to remember.

Dashain is Nepal’s most beloved festival, especially for children. In terms of importance to kids, it is the equivalent of Christmas in the Christian countries in the West. There are many fun aspects to Dashain but among the most exciting for young ones are the sweets, lights, and decorations, the bamboo swing, and the very important custom of new clothes and other small gifts for Dashain. At this time of year there are sales in all the shops. For the poor, Dashain is often the one time during the year when clothing is purchased.

Needless to say, it’s a great financial hardship for Maiti Nepal to give a nice holiday, especially the new clothing, for all 500 young people in its care. This year we have resolved to help Anuradha make the kids happy. Won’t you join with us ? We are figuring on $15 per child.

For a young child: US $15 will buy a new outfit, festival foods and candies, and a small toy.

For teens and young women, the same amount — $15 — will provide a new outfit, festival treats, and small amount of spending money, so they can choose a little something for themselves in the bazaar.

So we are trying to find a $15 sponsor for each young person at Maiti Nepal. The money goes a long way in Nepal, and Anuradha knows how to stretch it. Won’t you join us? It feels to good to see these young folks smile, especially the many children who have been trafficked and sexually exploited. There's a lot of healing to do.

Knowing that someone, somewhere is thinking of you — that means so much.

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Sally Reed Sally Reed

to support the work of Maiti Nepal, to halt sex trafficking in Nepal.

  1. Dennis BiehlDennis Biehl 12/06/2012 at 09:15 PM ET
    Happy Holiday Girls of Maiti Nepal, :)