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Twelve alumnae of the Notre Dame Class of 1994 have formed a team with the goal of running the Reach The Beach relay in September. Reach The Beach is a 200-mile relay starting at Cannon Mountain and finishing at Hampton Beach. Each team member will run three legs, each leg ranging from 4 miles to 9 miles, and the race continues nonstop through the night. The team will be sleeping in their vans, bathing at designated rest points, and eating on the go!

While the race promises plenty of physical and emotional challenges with little in the way of luxuries, there are still costs involved. Between entry fees, van rentals, gas, and lodging the night before the race, this adventure is estimated to cost about $5,000 for the team, or $400 per person. While this isn't a problem for some team members, others are struggling with circumstances that require all extra money to be put towards their family obligations.

In an effort to help support our team members who need a little extra assistance, we have put together this “Honey Fund”. Donate a tank of gas, or buy a “uniform” for a team member – all contributions are gratefully accepted! Any money raised will go first to our team members who need the help. Any money raised beyond that will be donated to One Fund in the name of the Academy of Notre Dame Alumnae.

Thank you in advance for your support!


“Damies On The Run”

Kelly Bletsis, Beth Daly, Carly (Seidewand) Eppley, Lisa (Caires) Garland, Celina (Pepi) Griffin, Lura (Sullivan) Hanks, Jaimie Healey, Sandra (Femino) Kimball, Kelly (Donnelly) MacMullin, Tracy (Elston) McLarney , Allyson (Grummett) Moreau, and Jill (Persichetti) Weeks

Team Captain

Beth Daly Beth Daly