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DVG, Inc. is a University of North Dakota student-run, venture capital fund focused on building future talent through experiential learning.


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DVG is the first completely student run venture capital fund in the United States. DVG provides students the opportunity to conduct due diligence, make final investment decisions, and negotiate deal term structure.

DVG members represent a variety of academic disciplines and backgrounds, including accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, law, marketing, and engineering. By participating in Dakota Venture Group, UND students receive an unheard of opportunity for experiential learning in the field of venture capital and angel investing.

The investment strategy of DVG includes making investments in high-growth ventures started by entrepreneurs in the United States, with preference given to regional and student initiated ventures. All investments are made with the goal of fostering economic growth. Over the past few years more than 100 DVG student members have screened numerous companies and made multiple investments.

The Dakota Venture Group was founded in October 2006 through a $200,000 donation from the Dakota Foundation, which is run by Bart and Lynn Holaday, with total donations to the organization of $400,000. In addition, Phil Gisi donated $100,000 combining to create the "Innovation Fund", which has had 2 exits through 2014.

DVG, Inc. partnered with Evergreen Investment Management to form Harvest Fund Partners, LLC to raise the first for-profit, student run Micro VC fund in the nation with the $1.2 million Harvest Fund I, LLLP.

Our goal is to build off of Dakota Venture Group's past success, and create the foundation for future learning opportunities for UND's students. All proceeds will go into the Innovation Fund's perpetuity, providing capital for future students to continue to invest in entrepreneurial endeavors. In addition, proceeds will be used to establish an annual conference for student-run VC's to collaborate and educate funds similar funds across the nation.

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