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"Cycle for Sloths- 2015" a team dedicated to helping the Kids Saving the Rainforest staff release orphaned sloths back into the wild.


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Cycle for Sloths is a cycling event debuting in July 2015. This first annual bike ride is taking place in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica! The cycling route will go through the mountainous roads of Costa Rica and will include the famous and massive Manuel Antonio hill! Cyclists participating in this exciting new cause will be riding for orphaned sloths being rehabilitated at the KSTR facilities and they need your help to save the sloths of Costa Rica!

KSTR or Kids Saving the Rainforest in a non-profit organization surviving off of passionate volunteers and caring donators who want to make a difference in the lives of rainforest wildlife. KIds Saving the Rainforest rescues, rehabilitates, and now helps orphaned sloths make it back into the wild where they belong.

Our devoted team's goal is to raise enough money to ensure that the three sloths, Kermie, Ellen, and Pelota, have a fighting chance to make it back in the wild. These three sloths were all found as orphans. Kermie was a newborn when he came in and sadly his twin brother didn't make it on the car ride to The Kids Saving the Rainforest's wildlife sanctuary. Ellen was found stranded on a beach at three months old crying out for her mother. The oldest sloth of the trio, Pelota, was also found at three months old as an orphan on the rainforest floor. These three amigos have bonded together as a family or a sloth pack if you will. Pelota acts as the mother figure for Kermie and Ellen, who are both around the same age.

These sloths are planning to be released together and are planning to have GPS tracking devices on them so that researchers can conduct groundbreaking research on the social behavior of two-toed sloths in the wild. But... KSTR can't do it alone. They need donators like you who care if they live or if they die. Pelota, Kermie, and Ellen need your help. They need to have a fighting chance out there in the wild. They need someone to stand up for them when no one else will. That is why I Cycle for Sloths. That is why I speak for the voiceless. Do you?

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