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"Cure KI "is a network of dedicated parents, caregiver, and advocates on a mission to raise funds to treat and ultimately CURE KI!


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As parents, caregivers, and advocates of loved ones suffering from Kernicterus, we have come across a tremendous opportunity to finally do something about it.

The day-to-day challenges associated with simply treating a child afflicted with Kernicterus are difficult in and of itself. This opportunity not only empowers us to provide better treatment for our loved ones – it could potentially CURE the condition altogether!

As stated, "Cure KI "is a network of dedicated parents, caregivers, and advocates on a mission to help The Kernicterus Center of Excellence at Children’s Mercy Hospitals & Clinics in Kansas City, to raise funds to extensively research, develop better treatments, and most importantly, find a CURE for Kernicterus. The one thing we’ve all dreamed for is at our fingertips, and with effort and perseverance we can collectively use our talents to turn the dream of a better life for our kids into a tangible reality!

Kernicterus (KI) is a completely preventable brain injury that develops from untreated newborn jaundice. In many instances, these children are born 100% healthy and the untreated jaundice has severe, devastating consequences for the child and until now there has been little hope of reversing the debilitating issues rendered by KI.

The issues KI cause can include hearing and vision impairment as well as cerebral palsy.

Dr. Steven Shapiro at The Kernicterus Center of Excellence at Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics has created an extensive plan to cure KI in 5 years.

We need your donations to get this project moving quickly so our children can have a better quality of life! Our initial goal has been set at $100,000 to get the project started. This is in addition to $1,000,000 already raised by Dr. Shapiro. Details of the plan can be located here.

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