Cuba Mission 2014


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Cuba Mission Team 2014 with Calvary Chapel Downey


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After the 1959 coup by Communism, it’s a blessed privilege for us to be able to reach the island of Cuba with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Since Communism came to power, places of worship were locked up, worshipers sent to prison and religious holidays were banned. The country was declared an atheistic state until an amendment to the Constitution declared it a secular one in 1992. 10 million people have been subjected to superstition and political propaganda over decades. Provided with the opportunity to hold pastor’s conferences in past years, we have blessed national in church leadership and encouraged their walk with the Lord.

Ministry, like in any other sensitive access country, is well planned and carried about. We are praying for effective ministry resources, teaching material and adequate activities. In all this, we desire to be covered by your prayers and for you to become involved in any way you can.

Again, please help us to answer the call the Lord has placed in our hearts by joining our group in prayer, encouragement and support!

Team Captain

Leo Mendivil Leo Mendivil