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Help Seattle Children's Hospital Crush Kids Cancer through raising awareness and funds directed to targeted research.


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On July 14th and 15th, Cascade Bike Club is host to the Seattle-to-Portland ride – 203 miles over 2 days (or for some maniacs, one). This is our "headline" event this year. In each of the two days that we are riding, 36 kids in the United States will be diagnosed with pediatric cancer. These kids will go through a more grueling endurance event than we can possibly imagine.

As an example, Owain was diagnosed on 3/24/2010 with pre- B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). He was 8 years old. His regimen – if everything goes perfectly – will include 3 ½ years of treatment – taking chemo EVERY DAY. Making him feel sick EVERY DAY. Incurring damaging side effects EVERY DAY. 20% of kids will not survive the fight. Pediatric cancers are the number one killer of children by disease in the US. More than aids, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, and asthma combined.

Let me spell that out: about 7 kids every day will die of pediatric cancer or treatment side-effects. 50% of those who do will suffer long term side effects. These include learning disabilities, chronic pain, sterility, stunted growth, heart defects, and secondary cancers (yes, this means that the cures for pediatric cancers themselves cause cancer). Many of these issues themselves caused reduced life-span - another 20% of "survivors" will die within 25 years.


We want to get 360 riders to ride with Owain’s Army on the 2011 STP to CRUSH KIDS’ CANCER. The ride has 2 high-order goals.

1. First, we want to raise awareness. We want you to show the colors on the ride. Wear the jersey, or a pin on, or otherwise make it clear you are riding with Owain’s Army to CRUSH KIDS’ CANCER. People will ask you what it’s about, and you’ll tell them. We will be making jerseys, and they will be cool, and you should wear them J

2. Second, we want to raise funds. Funding cancer research can feel like spitting into the ocean, but we’re targeting a very specific and very practical study where we’ll make a HUGE impact - this year, we are funding clinical trials for novel and groundbreaking treatments for the most common pediatric cancer - Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.


  • First and foremost, you get to help change the world! Fighting together, we can crush pediatric cancer! You're already riding - ride for a reason!

  • You get to ride with other folks who will support you, are great company, and are also changing the world! W00T!

  • You'll get a kick-butt CRUSH KIDS CANCER jersey to wear on the ride! As well as some choice swag to keep you motivated before and after the ride.

  • We will have a MASSAGE tent for you at the mid-points. Get your body dialed in while your bike is being tuned!

  • You get catered (and very yummy) LUNCH AND SNACKS!

  • We will have a MECHANIC on hand at the lunch stop to help you get your bike dialed in.

Here's what you need to do!

STEP ONE: Sign up for the STP! Cascade member registration opens January 10, 2012; non-member registration opens on

STEP TWO: Please join our team by emailing Alex! Ideally, you'll start a team and recruit your friends! Further instructions will come your way in the reply to your mail.

Are you in? If you are willing to do this – to represent and fight for one of the 72 kids who will be diagnosed while you’re on the ride – please emailALEX@CRUSHKIDSCANCER.ORG to sign up! And sign up for the STP!

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