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"Creating Momentum Running Club" a team to help the Ulman Fund, Inc....


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Paulette Murphy

Paulett's Fundraiser. Helping others fight CANCER

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Shannon McGinn

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In 2016, I founded the Creating Momentum Running Club (CMRC). The CMRC is a supportive social club tied together through running-related activities. But my hope is that the CMRC club can also exist to help others. Accordingly, i created this CMRC Team Fundraising Page and I will award prizes to CMRC Club Members who are able to help fundraise for this worthy cause.

My name is Shannon, and I am a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed at 29 years old as a graduate student living on student loans. I lost my ability to attend school during treatment and I lost my health insurance as a result. I could not work and my life savings were depleted before my first round of chemotherapy began. My fertility was threatened by the treatment that I needed to save my live. I needed four surgeries and a year and a half of IV infusions. I knew of no one else who had survived cancer as a young adultr.

Young adults are more likely to have very more aggressive cancer than older adults (as was true for me). They lack the financial security or insurance coverage to handle the devastating financial blow of cancer. They are more likley to be young parents, students, or individuals just starting a life of their own when cancer strikes robbing them of everything from parenthood to independent living. Side effects from treatment can last long after cancer treatment ends. Young adults will have to live the remainder of their lives in fear of recurrence.

Running played an instrumental role in my healing, both inside and out. Running changed my self-image, from frail patient to strong athlete. Since becoming a survivor, I have dedicated my life to helping others find improved health and wellness through my work as an athlete, cancer survivor-role model, psychotherapist, and running coach.

I selected the Ulman Cancer Fund (UCF) for Young Adults as the beneficiary of this season's CMRC Fundraising efforts. The UCF helps young adults access the resources needed to get back to living life. The UCF provides scholarships (as they did for me) and is currently working to provide housing for patients and their caregivers through the "UCF House". The UCF harnesses the momentum of endurance athletes to raise funds through "Team Fight" and through organize events. The Ulman Cancer Fund also helps cancer survivors change their identify from patient to athlete, like I did, through the Cancer to 5k Program (which I volunteer my time as an "At Home" coach).

Please consider making a donation to help the CMRC Club send the UCF the financial help it needs to get young adults back to living life again.

Shannon McGinn
President/Founder Creating Momentum Running Club

Team Captain

Shannon McGinn Shannon McGinn