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We are raising money for the Duke Sarcoma Program Fund, supporting the people and hospital that treated my cancer.

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The Duke Sarcoma Program serves sarcoma patient of all ages, with tumors in all locations, to provide the most advanced care available for this rare disease. The team works together to create the most effective treatment plan for the individual, using both standard procedures and the latest innovative techniques, many developed at Duke.

I appreciate everyone's support for this worthy cause. Private funding is crutial to help support ongoing research and their sarcoma program which we are fortunate to have available in our community.

Please visit the website for more details on the walk including registration. This site is for additional donations or for those who can't make the walk and want to contribute. www.sarcomahelpinghands.com

Thank you so much.


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CP Harris CP Harris

I want to raise money and awareness for Sarcoma, a rare cancer I survived.