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COSC Youth Mission Trip to Tanguietta, Benin

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Taking off for Tanguietta! COSC Youth donate their "sweat equity" to Ministry of Jesus' Training Center & Farm in Benin!

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Nine youth from Christ Our Shepherd Church are going to Benin, Africa to support the “Ministry of Jesus”(MoJ). This 20 year old ministry runs a training center for pastors, teaching theology and sustainable agriculture in Tanguietta. MoJ operates a demonstration farm and aims to make their program fully sustainable through proceeds from the farm along with animal husbandry, bee keeping, and fish farming.

For two weeks, the COSC Youth Group will live at the MoJ training center and help with its operation, including farming and organizing leadership programs for locals connected to the center. This trip is an amazing opportunity for youth to be stretched and learn about themselves, deepen their faith, and broaden their understanding of the world. Each one will need to adapt and communicate cross culturally as they live and work in Benin. MoJ will benefit from their assistance and even more, the youth will be deeply impacted by this experience.

Will you partner with the COSC Youth Mission as they assist MoJ's Training Center & Farm mission and ministry?

Each member of the group needs to raise $1,700 to attend, out of a total of $17,000. We are grateful for your help, prayers, and support! You can donate on this site or send a check to Christ Our Shepherd Church at 801 North Carolina Ave., SE, Washington, DC 20003. Please include "Mission Trip" on the check memo, with an option to specify the Teen you are supporting. Thanks!

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Helping COSC Youth Group get to Benin

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    Doing great team! We've got roughly $10,000 left to raise.