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“The desire, the thirst, the hunger to belong and to know where we come from is heavy and sometimes heartbreaking, yet it fuels the search for connection.” Inspired by her participation in Cornerstone’s first reading of Urban Rez, community member, Danielle Aguilar shared, “I became part of a community of others that felt the same way as I did…being a part of the reading was empowering…I was able to share my story and no longer felt alone…it was healing for all of us in the room.”

Cornerstone Theater Company is a community - a community of professional artists and others from urban and rural neighborhoods with diverse life experiences, beliefs and values. It is Danielle. It is you and me, it is all of us who are passionate about making new plays with and about communities. We are engaging people to participate in all aspects of the play-making process from creation to performance.

Your donation to Cornerstone Theater Company’s Annual Fund provides opportunities for individuals to feel connected with their community and inspired to celebrate culture.

Urban Rez began by inviting the indigenous peoples of Southern California to share stories of their hopes, challenges, needs and aspirations. The play, written by Larissa FastHorse, is an immersive touring theatrical production performing at site-specific locations around the Los Angeles Basin. It explores the hunger that persists when culture, language, land and identity are denied.

The Cornerstone experience is real for Danielle. After returning from a reading of the latest draft of Urban Rez, she expressed her connection to the characters and excitement about auditioning. She is engaged in sharing her story and looks forward to continuing the exploration of cultural empathy and understanding through artistic collaboration.

Your gift enables us to provide access to a creative forum where individuals, like Danielle can participate in valuable experiences of artistic expression and civic engagement that are so important for the vitality and civic health of our society.

Please consider donating today and joining Cornerstone Theater Company in creating new plays with and about communities throughout Southern California and beyond.

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