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A team to help the SUSTAIN US INC...Agents of Change participate in UNFCCC COP 19 Climate Negotiations in Poland!


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Adam Greenberg

Send Adam to the UN climate negotiations in Warsaw to protect our future!

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Alina Pokhrel

Help Alina Pokhrel attend UN Climate Negotiations in Poland!

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Anita Raman

Anita Raman Fundraiser to attend UNFCCC COP19 in Warsaw, Poland

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A C Pe

Help Adam Pearson attend the 2013 UN Climate Change Talks in Warsaw

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Collin Rees

Help Collin Get to Warsaw to Attend the International Climate Negotiations!

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Scott Chernoff

Help Scott Chernoff attend UN Climate Negotiations in Poland!

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Leehi Yona

Help Send Leehi to the COP19 UN Climate Negotiations!

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Anthropogenic climate change is the greatest threat in the history of our species, and we are not moving fast enough to stop it. The UNFCCC negotiations are where world leaders decide what we will do (or fail to do) about climate change, as a planet.

In response to slow progress on this most critical issue, we have been selected as part of a team of SustainUS Agents of Change delegates to the COP19 negotiations of the UNFCCC.

Since its establishment in 2004, the SustainUS Agents of Change Program has sent over 500 young people to conferences on climate change, sustainable development, social development, women, and biological diversity. SustainUS delegates work with hundreds of young people from across the globe to advocate for robust environmental and social policies. We are youth from all over the United States, who unite to build a future in which all people recognize the equality and interdependence of social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

COP19 will be held in Warsaw, Poland from November 11 to 22, 2013. SustainUS Delegates will educate themselves and their communities, develop policy priorities, develop skills in effective lobbying, and engage the broader youth population in action related to international climate policy.

More of the specifics of what we are/will be doing include:

We are your nations' environmental advocates, your university alumni, your students, your classmates, your friends, your sons, your daughters, your boyfriends, your girlfriends, or your neighbors, and we need your help to attend the UNFCCC Negotiations in Poland this November.

Any donation helps!

$ 20 feeds a delegate for a day *We will be eating at the UN, not in restaurants, which is higher cost*

$ 35 houses a delegate for a night *We will be staying in student hostels, not hotels*

$ 55 covers a delegates expenses for one day

$ 770 covers all of a delegates costs on the ground for all 14 days of meetings

$ 1000 buys a delegates plane tickets

In exchange for your kind donation, we would be happy to contribute blogs, pictures, lectures, or any other public relations materials for your community or university.

Please know that you are you are not just investing in us, you are investing in a sustainable world for future generations to come.


SustainUS COP19 Youth Delegation

Team Captain

Anita Raman Anita Raman