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We are raising funds to purchase the remaining 2.6 acres (113,565 sqft) of a 5 acre plot for the Center for Holistic Family Development.


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Due to poverty, unemployment, and other hardships, families in Beni and the surrounding area struggle to provide vocational and educational opportunities, particularly for women and children. The conflict that engulfed Congo in the late 1990’s and still continues today in areas of eastern Congo has led to widespread suffering and exploitation of Congolese women and children. Even in peacetime, Congolese women are often regarded as inferior to men. Girls are passed over for boys when families must choose which of their children they can afford to send to school. Without education or vocational opportunities, women and children are left vulnerable. Women are unable to obtain gainful employment, forcing some to turn to prostitution and other forms of exploitative labor. Families are unable to afford school fees, leaving their children’s future uncertain with little opportunity to improve their living conditions.

The mission of Congo Initiative’s Center for Holistic Family Development is to renew Congolese families and empower them to flourish economically, socially, and spiritually. The Center carries out its mission through two initiatives:

  1. Vocational Training and Counseling provides at-risk women opportunities to receive training in sewing, baking, and literacy that provide a better life for themselves and their families. Counseling services that lead to healing and comfort from trauma are also available.

  2. La Charité Primary School reaches the most vulnerable portion in our community with loving, quality, primary education. The school serves more than 300 children in grades K-6. Core academic instruction, physical exercise, music, a hot meal, and a loving environment are all part of the services.

Land Acquisition Project: CHFD has outgrown its space. This project seeks to meet the financial needs of securing a 5 acre plot (already selected) that is also located near the homes of the women and children the center serves. The total cost of the 5 acre plot is $67,000. Congo Initiative has already raised $32,000 (2.4 acres) and has secured a matching grant of $10,000, leaving the total amount left to be raised at $25,000.

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